Aug 10, 2013

Tiergarten, BERLIN 10557 Germany

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Our large ensemble - the world's only dedicated to the lost big band music of Esquivel - comes to Europe for the first time to play Wassermusik! This year's event is titled, "The New Pacific" and we're happy to bring Esquivel's space-age pop across the pond. The tickets are 13 € (10 € reduced for students, seniors, etc). This includess the 2 concerts of the evening plus the film after the concerts. Depending on the weather forecast , the Orchestrotica will perform outside on a stage on top of a roof terrace!

Musicians For This Concert:

Tpt 1, USA: Bryan Davis
Tpt 2, Berlin: Martin Auer
Tpt 3, Graz, Austria: Axel Mayer
Tenor trombone, Berlin: Till Kuenkler
Horn, Berlin: Michelle Perry
Bass trombone, Koln: Jan Schreiner
WW1, Berlin: Walter Wittmann
WW2, Berlin: Marc Wyand
WW3, Bari sax, bass clarinet Berlin: Lars Dieterich
WW4, Bass Flute and Alto Sax USA: Geni Skendo
Soprano vox, USA: Yolanda Scott
Soprano 2, USA: Jen O'Neill
Alto, USA: Kristina Vaskys
Tenor, USA: Paul Pampinella
Guitar, Koln: Sebastian Mueller
Steel Guitar, USA: Tevje Stevig
Bass, USA: Jason Davis
Drumset, Berlin: Andrea Marcelli
Percussion Berlin: Michael Weilacher
Percussion / Timpani, USA: Jeremy Lang
B3 Organ + Piano, Munich: Matthias Bublath
Percussion, Piano, USA: Brian "Mr. Ho" O'Neill