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Don't know about Mr. Ho's Orchestrotica? Watch this:

The Orchestrotica is a collection of multiple ensemble formations, each with separate press kit websites you can access below. Here's a 90 second explainer of our 2 main ensemble formations, the Quintet and Esquivel Megaband:

2. View Quintet & Megaband EPKs:

Esquivel Megaband

Sonorama: Stereo Sounds from a Space-Age Lounge


A Story-Driven Mashup of Global Jazz and Classical Adaptations

View Press Kit
View Press Kit

3. (NEW) Trio formation!

Czarna Wolgastar—our new Intergalactic Balkan Surf Jazz trio—is now available for touring too: easy logistics, a mix of original songs, Americana tunes, Hollywood Soundtracks, and multiple educational offerings.

Interested? Contact me below.

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Dear Presenter,

My name is Brian O'Neill and I am the agent and artistic director for Mr. Ho's Orchestrotica. We partner with presenting organizations who want to present innovative, new music to their audiences, particularly in communities that may not have access to live music like ours on a regular basis. Many of our concerts come with 100% money-back guarantees as well as a joint approach to marketing, design, and promotion of the event so it's a success for both of us. All of our ensembles also offer multiple community / education programs.

If working with us sounds like a fit for your series or venue, I hope you'll be in touch below.

Best of luck!

Brian O'Neill
Artistic Director

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