Jun 29, 2019

The Beehive

Boston, MA 02116

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Brunch at the Beehive featuring the intergalactic Balkan surf jazz trio, Czarna Wolgastar! The Wolgastarians are back form Wolgastar 1 and will–for the first time in Boston–be taking over their favorite three host bodies who happen to be members of Mr. Ho's Orchestrotica's global jazz and exotic chamber music quintet: Tev Stevig (guitar), Michael Harrist (bass), and Brian O'Neill (drums).

Brunch goes until 2:30pm at the Beehive. You like toast? Of course!


(Approximate translation from Wolgastarian).

Czarna Wolgastar is world’s only Wolgastarian surf rock trio in whole of Milky Way land. After visiting planet Earth land while touring big galaxy, their spaceboard, Wolgastar I, crashed on beach Albania close by. Stuck like a tape on earthland, the group now travels the Balkan sand and water ways, picking up surfing, fast picking, and music traditions of countries on journey, as they search for gasoline to take ship in the empty space black. Should you encounter big big ship or their music, under never no circumstances attempt to board Wolgastar I or record their music. Czarna Wolga is not toy, listened to on recorded media, or performance at home. Czarna Wolga never forgets!

Czarna Wolgastar