The Remotely Music Series (from Mr. Ho's Orchestrotica)

Coronavirus won't stop Mr. Ho's Orchestrotica!

Jul 2024 Update: we're taking a break from the RMS Series at the moment, but we may be back in in the future. Join the mailing list below for the latest news and updates.

We are excited to be launching the Remotely Music Series of online webcast events, and we invite you to be part of these hangs we call "sessions" as we explore what it means to be performing artists and musicians when we are all so remote. Together, we're excited to explore this new constraint through live performance, interviews, discussions, and more. Part live video podcast, part concert, part experimentation, and part social hang, you can join us and help us define it as we go.

How to Attend RMS Sessions

Each event will provide instructions, but in general, if we're doing a live-stream concert, we'll be selling tickets and using YouTube for optimal sound/video quality. All other sessions will typically be done on both Zoom and Facebook Live. You can choose which way to participate; if you want to interact, have your camera on, and participate in the discussion, you'll need to register for a Zoom seat (typically free). Alternatively, you can watch passively on YouTube.

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Joshua Bell

Our family has enjoyed your music since first hearing you just before your visit to Lawrence, Kansas a few years ago. Happy to take some of my good fortune (steady work and pay despite the ongoing pandemic) and share it with you to support Mr. Ho's Orchestrotica and the Remotely Music Series. The incredibly eclectic mix of instrumentation and styles of this band, coupled with exceptional individual talent make this quintet unmatched in helping me find my happy place in these crazy times. May you keep filling our ears (and our hearts) through the ether until we can again see you on the stage! Peace and Love!

Eric PriceLeavenworth, KS, USA

Joshua Bell

Glad to contribute to Mr. Ho's Orchestrotica and the Remotely Music Series! I'm lucky enough to be working safely from home during the pandemic. The Bay Area has been sheltering in place since early March, and I want to support artists like them. These "intimate" performances and events are a welcome, enjoyable distraction, and something unique to treasure. Joshua BellBay Area, CA, USA

Jack Bawden

I saw you and your group play live in Edmonton, and I was impressed by the music. But moreover, I was really taken with your enthusiasm. It was apparent that you love what you do, and are very skilled as well. I think both things are important, but it was the joy you radiated in playing that was memorable to me. I am happy to support Mr. Ho's Orchestrotica and their Remotely Music Series.Jack BawdenEdmonton, Canada

Fred Jonas

I am disappointed that performing musicians—including artists like Mr. Ho's Orchestrotica that I have seen live—cannot do their thing right now. We need to support them now so that they will still be here for us when we can finally go out and hear their live music performances again. I like these musicians as people and as artists, and I am happy to support Brian and the rest of the quintet in their experiments with the Remotely Music Series.Fred JonasMiami, FL, USA

John Minor

Being so close to Mr. Ho's Orchestrotica's home base, this is first about supporting local music. It's much more than that in this case. Preserving a piece of musical history, from groundbreaking artists like Esquivel, is something music lovers should get behind. Brian (Mr. Ho) has worked tirelessly to decode and bring his music back to life and that is why I enthusiastically support the band and Remotely Music Series.John M.West Warwick, RI, USA