May 15, 2020

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Session III: Music Without Meter

Meditation #1 dedicated to Essential Workers

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A new work composed by Brian O’Neill and featuring a live quintet performance & interactive discussion

This is Session III in our Remotely Music Series of online, interactive webcasts, brought to you by–us!

In this third RMS session, Mr. Ho and the Quintet will return with a live performance, premiering a new work dedicated to the essential workers supporting us during the Coronavirus. We will be embracing the challenge of performing as a group live over the web (which, due to slight latency, is not quite "real-time") through a new work Brian has written that uses no meter or pulse. The Zoom audience will be assisting with the performance of Meditation #1, providing some of the chance elements that are incorporated into this piece. It will sound like nothing you have heard from the Quintet before, and we will not be using a click track or pre-recording.

Learn more about the inspiration for Meditation #1 here


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