Sep 21, 2013

Pace University: Schimmel Center for the Arts

Manhattan, NY 10038

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We are stoked to have the big band return to NYC! Our 22-pc Big Band performs the lost music of Esquivel at NYC's 2013 Celebrate Mexico Now Festival. Co-Presented by Pace University. Don't miss the free ticket contest below!

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Musicians for this Show

Trumpet 1: Bryan Davis
Trumpet 2: Paul Perfetti
Trumpet 3: Mark Sanchez
Tenor trombone: Dan Linden
Horn: Ken Pope
Bass trombone: Chris Beaudry
Sax/Flute: Russ Gershon
Sax/Flute/Doubles: Sean Berry
Bari: Alec Spiegelman
Bass Flute, Alto Sax: Marenglen Skendo
Soprano vox: Yolanda Scott
Soprano 2 vox: Jennifer O'Neill
Alto 2: vox Kristina Vaskys
Tenor vox: Paul Pampinella
Acoustic/electric guitars: Tev Stevig
Steel Guitar: Tim Obetz
Bass: Jason Davis
Drumset: Gary Seligson
Piano & Percussion: Brian "Mr. Ho" O'Neill
Percussion: Wilson Torres
Timpani/Percussion: Jeremy Lang
Organ/Accordion/Piano: Rusty Scott